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How to create an ad on HelpAroundTown?

Register & confirm your email, or sign in. Then, go to the HelpAroundTown Bulletin Board.

Click on POST A NEW AD, the blue button, top left

Create your ad

  • Title – choose a catchy title

  • Graphic - upload a good graphic (.jpeg, .png, or .gif format)

  • Text (copy & paste existing text or create new. Add links.)

  • Link to your HelpAroundTown profile? Show off good ratings & recommendations earned and more qualifications.

  • Categories: check off relevant categories only. e.g. Snow Removal and Garden/Plants/Yardwork

  • Save - This will take you to the payment page.

Pay - Pay with Paypal, using any credit card or a Paypal account.

One month free for non-profits & yard sales.


  • Manage your ad from 'my ads' when logged in. Extend the ad, edit it, experiment with different graphics, text, special offers.

  • Offer a HelpAroundTown special. Track how many customers we're sending you when they ask for the special.

  • Your HelpAroundTown ad is editable 24/7. Change your offering as often as needed.

  • Make sure you ad includes the key words relevant to your business + contact info + relevant links.