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Special Artist Assistant Teaching Position

Posted on July 14, 2021


Qualifications Needed: 1) Experience with one of the following populations as a caretaker, teacher, or advocate: Elderly persons in residential or nursing home environment, home care for a child or adult with a disability or chronic illness. Working in a classroom as an assistant teacher or aide. Assisting in the care of a family member in the previous categories. Experience with a summer camp or a recreational program would be helpful even if it’s with non disabled children or senior population. 2) Some interest or experience with art or crafts and the ability to demonstrate craft or art materials. 3) Patience and flexibility to be able to change direction or plans when a student is unable to do something or is having behavioral issues. Often this requires not having expectations of the student and "going with the flow." 4) Ability to supervise and direct volunteers. Experience with supervising others in some way, such as being a parent is great. 5) A sense of humor and not taking things too seriously is a must. 6) Good record keeping and organizational skills even when there is some chaos. 7) Work as part of a team but also comfortable making decisions when needed. Responsibilities: ● Be familiar with session projects and the materials used and how project is to be done. Be able to demonstrate how to do the project to students if necessary. SNAP Art Director will provide project info and confer with assistant ● Do set up for class and cleanup and direct volunteers on setup and cleanup ● Direct student volunteers as to specific needs of class participants and what assistance is needed ● Be able to monitor materials during class and re-supply students as needed and direct volunteers to do the same ● Ensure that all student projects are labeled with their names. And when necessary are stored to dry in the appropriate place ● Be familiar with the materials in the art closet, hall cabinets and basement storage area while maintaining organization in said places ● Make sure to distribute fliers (when appropriate) and projects at the end of class ● Assistant will have all the necessary contact info on the students and volunteers and have this with her in class ● The assistant should also be able to substitute teach a class should the Art Director is unable to attend and teach the class • Transportation to the Job For more information Contact: 781-325-8025



From September 11, 2021 until July 30, 2022

Saturdays: Fall 2021 to Summer 2022 4 & 8 week Saturday Sessions Classes take place at the Lexington Community Center, 39 Marrett Road, Lexington


  • $ 20.00 per hour.


Located in   Lexington MA
  • This job is with a non-profit organization.


You can be of any age to do this job.