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Fixing A Fence Replacing Fence Posts

Posted on June 28, 2019
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Several fence posts on our 6' stockade fence have rotted and collapsed. I am looking for 2 strong individuals who can dig up the rotten post bottoms, replace the posts with new ones I will provide and set in the fence sections. Since this is the end of the fence line, setting the fence sections is easy. I did it myself about 15 years ago, but am no longer physically capable of this kind work. Will advise on process as needed.

Job Type

  • Yardwork (Exterior)


June 29, 2019

If possible, I'd like the work to be dome in the afternoons, but will adapt schedule as needed


  • Between $ 125.00 and 175.00 per job.
  • Compensation for this job depends on experience.


Olga G.
Located in   Lexington MA


You must be 17 to do this job.