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Driving Teenager To School 20 Minutes Away

Posted on November 15, 2021


I am interested in finding someone, preferably a woman, to drive my young teenage daughter driven to school 20 minutes away and in another town. I will text on a given day when I need the driver and if that person is available, they can take the job for the day. If they aren't, no worries, and I find another way to get my daughter to school and I will try them again another day i need a driver. Thanks. Driver must have good driving record; I prefer a female driver; The compensation will not include driving from employees house to my house; Drivers will pay for their own gas; The price is per job.



Starting November 15, 2021 (no end date)

The schedule will be on an as needed basis. I will text on any given day when I would like a driver. Most likely, it will be at approx 10 or 10:30 am.


  • $ 30.00 per job.


Located in   Lexington MA


You must be 18 to do this job.