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Volunteer Your Help In The Community


If you or your organization would like to offer your services as a community volunteer, HelpAroundTown will offer you a free listing such as this one. You must commit to following CDC guidelines for safety and social distancing Register on HelpAroundTown, create a listing, and save it. Do not pay for it. (Listings are $9.95/month). Email founder[at] We will activate your listing free for as long as you would like to volunteer. This way, people can reach you and you don't need to give out your phone or email or full name. You will receive an email message through the HelpAroundTown platform. Thank you for volunteering! If you would like to offer paid help, many people also need that. Look for jobs under Find Work. You can also promote your availability with a listing. To create a listing, go to the Find Work page.


Lexington, MA


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