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Do More With Your Dog

Do More With Your Dog

What a crazy time this is! I know that the growing concern of COVID-19 is probably taking up lots of space in your world. I wanted to reach out to you, so you know that Savvy Canine & Equine Training is doing our part to keep our clients and our community safe. During this time, we are still available to support you in the following ways:  
1. Please feel free to email us with questions or concerns about your dog's training, and we will respond within 24 hours.  
2. We are also happy to set up phone calls at scheduled times for those who wish to speak to communicate by phone.  
3. For behavioral issues (resource guarding, crate training, barking, pulling on the leash, counter surfing, destructiveness, handling), online lessons will be held via Zoom, Skype, Facetime, or other video conferencing software. This option can be as effective as having me in person. All that is needed is a reliable internet connection and a smartphone or webcam.  
4. We have set up a few Facebook groups, so you may continue to connect with us during this time of social isolation. No need to train alone.  
a. Savvy Canine Club: We will be sharing enrichment and training tips to help keep your dog mentally and physically fit. We will also cover topics such as animal husbandry, dog body language (of course), chewing, housebreaking, jumping, socializing when we're physical distancing…you name it, and we'll cover it.  
Things are tough enough as it is, I don't want training your dog to be another challenge you have to go through. We look forward to supporting you and your dog during this time and look forward to when we can resume our in-person training.  
PLEASE share this with anyone you know who needs some good news right now. You have the opportunity to put a smile on someone's face. Share this link shout it out from the rooftops/post it on social - let's get the word out that Savvy Canine & Equine Training is here, it's free.  
All you have to do is join us at the Savvy Canine Club, and you'll get immediate free access to dog training tips.  

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