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Declaring Independence: Then and Now

Declaring Independence: Then and Now

Saturday July 4, 7 PM.  
The Declaration of Independence was just one of many written acts of rebellion by the American people in 1776. Across the colonies, towns debated what freedom meant to them, and grappled with the grievances aired in the official Declaration. What did the words in the final document mean to them, and how did they react?  
“Declaring Independence Then And Now”, a presentation by Freedom’s Way National Heritage Area, aims to answer these questions. Hear costumed reenactors recite the Declaration, learn the meaning behind these words, and reflect on how we have or have not upheld their ideas over the past 250 years. Narrated by Dr. William Fowler, Professor of History Emeritus at Northeastern University.  
This year’s presentation will be a recording of our 2018 performance, including the reading of a rebuttal from Great Britain and a performance by the Lexington Historical Society Colonial Singers.

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