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Volunteer Opportunities for Teenagers with SNAP

Volunteer Opportunities for Teenagers with SNAP

Special Needs Arts Programs, Inc., (SNAP) has volunteer opportunities for teenagers in their music and art programs starting in September. SNAP provides music and arts programming for individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Volunteers provide support to our program leaders and friendship and encouragement to our singers and artists with special needs. Opportunities include volunteering at our Sing Along Chorus program on Monday or Wednesday evenings, our Crafts and Ceramics classes on Tuesday evenings and Special Artists visual arts program on Saturdays. Volunteers not only grow personally by connecting with people who have different abilities but learn valuable skills about how to run a program, deliver a curriculum and manage a group of diverse individuals. More information about volunteer opportunities as well as an application can be found at . If you have questions about volunteering, please reach out to or call 781-325-8025.

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